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Reiki Master Training with Cathy Prins

Becoming a Reiki Master is a powerful experience. Reiki Mastership expands your healing potential and allows access to new energetic portals, whether you plan to teach Reiki or are looking to deepen your understanding of this ancient healing practice.

As the final stage of the Reiki training, I offer a mastership class that allows the opportunity to be attuned to the highest levels of this Universal Energy. The Reiki Mastership training I offer is uniquely designed for each class of students to optimize the energy and teaching for that group. My Reiki Mastership training includes any Reiki III material that might be available, exposes students to the sacred symbols to enhance your self-healing, and educates participants on how to perform the reverent ceremony of attunements. In addition to the 4-hour class described above, Reiki Mastership also includes a 2-hour follow-up session, which we will schedule at our first meeting. Upon completion of the class participants will receive official certification in Reiki Mastership.

Open to practitioners who have previously certified in Reiki I and Reiki II.

$600 if paid by 5/26/17; $700 thereafter (please contact me for payment plan)

Suggested Reading: Reiki: The Healing Touch - First and Second Degree Manual, Revised and Expanded Edition by William Rand

Cathy Prins has been a certified Reiki Master since 1998. She has had a thriving healing practice in Fairfield County for the past 20 years, which includes deep tissue massage, craniosacral therapy and a variety of energetic integration techniques. She is a dynamic teacher and enjoys the opportunity to share her experience and insights about the body and its innate ability to heal.

Cathy's cell 203-858-4053

Check out my website: & follow me on facebook : Cathy Prins Change Alchemist