Pathways to Wellness

Our Story. . .

We are dynamic and passionate health professionals, who have created the Wellness Center to offer a variety of pathways toward healing and self-care. We integrate traditional Physical Therapy medical treatments with alternative approaches to wellness for long lasting results. Our goal is to empower and support your unique pathway toward a healthier lifestyle.

Your Path to Wellness is Unique 

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Jennifer Iannucci, MSPT, Eclectic Physical Therapy: specializing in manual therapy, exercise prescription, and restoring energy to promote healing.

Anne Wolf, MSPT, Balance Dynamics, PT: specializing in balance disorders, concussion, headache, cervicogenic dizziness, and certified in vestibular treatment.

Our Team of talented instructors and practitioners are among the very best in their fields and are here to help you create a healthier life.

Testimonials. . .

“I am grateful for having found a physical therapist that is extraordinary in her focus on healing and wellness. Jennifer is an extremely gifted person who uses a holistic approach with her patients. Using a variety of techniques, she is able to assist in restoring positive energy, mobility, healing and wholeness. Her spirit is energetic and empowering for the patient. I would highly recommend her abilities to those in need of healing.” — Jane

“Having suffered a severe concussion, my experience being treated by Anne Wolf was life changing. Her ability to identify and tap into the source of my pain was a relief. What is truly amazing about Anne is her ability to treat and relieve the pain and discomfort. She has a gift and thankfully she shares it with those in need.” — Chris

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3.2 miles from Merritt Pkwy.
6527 Main Street, Lower Level Trumbull, CT
Entrance is located in the back of parking lot

Hours of operation:  7am-8pm Monday-Friday.  Weekend classes and workshops