Class Descriptions 

Wellness Classes


  • Core Basics Pilates: Pilates 101 techniques are integrated with Physical Therapy exercises to stabilize the spine and build strength & balance in the bodies. Our small class size is ideal for specific guidance.

  • Pilates 101: Explore the fundamentals of pilates: appropriate for people who have experienced back or neck pain and need to maintain their core stability. Our small class size is ideal for specific guidance.


  • PiYo is a yoga-and-Pilates-inspired total-body workout. We combine the flexibility and balance training of yoga with the core work of Pilates-- targeting cardiovascular endurance with traditional strength moves like lunges, squats, and push-ups to offer a low-impact, higher-intensity class. Your body will feel long, lean, and defined after this workout! For all levels with easy modifications.


  • People of all ages are invited to create new pathways of internal and external health with the powerful and transformative practices of Qigong: sound healing-moving meditation. Learn simple but powerful ways to improve your health by lessening anxiety, stress, and sadness to bring your body, mind, and spirit into alignment.

  • What is Qigong? Check out this VIDEO!


  • Beginner Yoga*: Explore basic yoga poses, discover modifications that are just for you and learn breathing techniques and why they are of transformational benefit to your body. No yoga experience necessary. A wonderful companion to Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®. *chairs, bolsters, blocks, & blankets are provided for support as needed

  • Chair Yoga: An inviting, accessible, seated yoga experience regardless of your degree of mobility, flexibility or strength. Learn how to “center”—tap into awareness as a healing tool— safely open your joints, stretch, and connect with the natural flow of your breath. 75 minute class.

  • Deep Play Yoga for Kids: In this fun-filled, interactive class, kids will explore yoga & mindfulness through games, music, movement, simple yoga poses, silliness and stillness. Children are empowered with skills for stress management through yogic relaxation breathing exercises. Kindness to others is promoted in a non-competitive environment using these fun tools! Ages 5+.

  • Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®: The practice of Yoga Nidra is specifically designed to relax and calm the nervous system creating the conditions our body needs for deep healing to take place. This easy practice requires no more than to lie down and listen, helping to alleviate not only muscular tension, but also mental and emotional stress.

  • Length, Strength & Balance: A body-weight resistance class with moves inspired by yoga, Pilates, barre fitness, and classic strength training. Our goal is to build long, lean muscle and increase flexibility, strength, and balance to tone the body and prevent injury. Students of all fitness levels are welcome to attend, as modifications and intensifications are encouraged.

  • Pure Core Yoga: A challenging yoga class with core strengthening exercises built into the sequence. The extra emphasis will strengthen your abs, buttocks, hips, and back. Be prepared to work. :)

  • Pure Flow Yoga: A vinyasa based yoga class that creates a beautiful union of movement and breath. Class includes traditional yoga poses with opportunities to modify or go deeper into poses. Savasana at the end ;)

  • Restore & Relax Yoga: Designed to connect the mind, body, and spirit through deep stretches that are held for an extended time. Clear your mind, stretch your body, and relax your Spirit. Class ends in a guided relaxation and lengthy savasana.

  • Slow Flow Yoga: This class is a gentler pace flow of breath & body, with a beginner-friendly focus on basic foundation and alignment, helping you grow in your practice. You'll leave feeling refreshed with greater inner & outer balance.

  • Stretch & Flow Yoga: This class is a yoga-inspired hour designed to promote flexibility, balance, and peace in a warm and welcoming environment. We follow the progression of a traditional yoga class, beginning with gentle breathing and stretching, then working our way through a series of sun salutations, balance poses, and floor/core work. Class ends with a 10-minute guided meditation. All levels are welcome to participate.

  • Therapeutic Yoga: Ideal for beginners, those recovering from injury, and/or those who need to ease back into an exercise routine. Therapeutic yoga is an integration of physical therapy concepts and yoga practice to serve as a stepping stone between physical therapy and general exercise.

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Level 1-2 : With an emphasis on form, safe alignment, and active breath, this mixed level class incorporates creative sequencing of traditional asana, and flows from energetic, sweaty movement to relaxing, meditative states.  Set to a curated soundtrack and designed to build strength and flexibility in the body, mind, and spirit, this class offers a space of exploration, awareness, and healing.  It is suitable for all students with a foundational knowledge of poses and practices. 

Small Group Fitness Classes

Actively Aging

  • Designed for the 60+ age group for building strength, balance, and stabilizing core work.

Back to Basics

  • If you're ready to make your health & fitness a priority again, this "Back to Basics" class will ease you in with a basic fitness program.

Standing Strong

  • Ideal for people with vertigo issues and/or trouble lying down, it focuses on low impact strength building, improving core, balance, and flexibility from a standing position.

Teen Conditioning

  • Teens will learn the proper form and the fundamentals of basic conditioning with age-appropriate strength and core training

Private & Custom Classes

Are available upon request. Please click the link to find out more.