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Expanding Your Mind: Recovering Silence and Meditation in a Loud & Busy Culture with Kevin Johnson

So many complain about the hectic pace of modern living, the stress it causes, and the unease that people face. Life seems to be moving faster. There is more information to process and not enough time nor enough quiet to do it. Constant distraction via social media and technology is the rule of the day.

We sense that this is interrupting any real chance at authentic human flourishing. In fact, this is such an issue, an entire industry of self-help books, videos, blogs, and podcasts has sprung up to offer support. Yet, all the information one can find on this topic assumes a very particular and limited view on this topic. Culturally, we have a blind spot that people do not notice and therefore we cannot actually address the issue.

Some may have heard of mindfulness or meditation as possible solutions to the problem but surprisingly they aren’t really solutions to anything! Without the proper framing of the issue, whatever we do will only make it worse. This two-hour workshop will outline the proper context and frame the issue in simple terms so that one can begin to engage the problem at the proper level on one’s own.

Open to complete beginners and those who have some experience with various forms of meditation, this workshop will also:

 Point out the hidden assumptions of our culture that cause a huge unintentional blind spot in this area

 Give a number of basic practices that people can immediately use for further exploration at their own pace and preference

 Contain a question and answer period to clarify issues around meditation practice, purpose, and techniques from various traditions Anyone who wonders how to exit the labyrinth of constant busy-ness, stress, and noise is invited to join us for a moment of clarity on this issue. Bring your questions and your interest for an enlightening two hours.

Register in person at Trumbull PT & Wellness, or email any questions to: 

$45 + tax - Jan 7th

$50 + tax - day of event