Cathy Prins

Cathy has been a  healing bodywork practitioner for over 30 years. Her philosophy is rooted in her extensive background in deep tissue massage, Reiki energy healing, Craniosacral Therapy, and the study of movement through dance and yoga. Her experience has honed her ability to listen to and interpret the specific messages of her client’s bodies.

Cathy identified the energetic body in 1987 during her three year training at The  Muscular Therapy Institute. Just as the physical body can be injured or feel pain as a result of stress triggers in the external environment, the more subtle, energetic components of the body can also become imbalanced in a similar way. Using her keen, highly developed intuition, Cathy is able to discern her own energy field from the energy field of her clients and is able to facilitate a profound level of healing where the two fields merge

Cathy deepened her understanding of the energetic body as a practicing Reiki Master. She has years of energy healing experience and is also trained in the Light Body™ and Golden Body™ energy systems. Through regular meditation and hands-on healing, Cathy integrates her knowledge of the physical and energetic body and her intuition to enhance each individual session.

Whether your session begins with Traditional Massage Therapy, Muscular Massage TherapyCraniosacral Therapy or Reiki, Cathy uses her experience with energy balancing and myofascial release to assess the body. Tapping her client's existing strength empowers each individual on their path to healing. It's Cathy's belief that the body sends clear signals when there is imbalance in one's life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Her personal meditation/mindfulness practice helps her access tools to help her clients decipher the signals in their own body for a fuller more awakened life. Dance, yoga, meditation, and walking all are a part of Cathy’s current, consistent routine of movement and self-care for her body, mind and spirit. Cathy has carried her extensive knowledge of and experience in how the body moves and communicates both its strengths as well as its imbalances into her muscular therapy practice. For the past 30 years, she has used her skill and experience to listen to and interpret the specific messages of her client’s bodies, utilizing their existing strengths and helping to empower each client along a healing path which suits his or her own individual needs.

As a result, Cathy’s clients are committed to and loyal to her work — she has maintained a long-term working relationship, over 6 years on average, with more than 70% of her current clients.

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Cathy Prins
Change Alchemist
203-858- 4053

Listen with ears of Tolerance.
See through the eyes of Compassion.
Speak with the language of Love.