Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, 

and Whole Health Thermography

Acupuncture  - Cupping, Essential Oils, Tui Na

Acupuncture -Cupping, Essential Oils, Tui Na

Susan Lederfeind, L.Ac

MSTOM, NCCAOM certified, MSPT Susan is a licensed acupuncturist and physical therapist. Her journey into alternative methods of healing began over 25 years ago in Denver. After working as a PT for several years in a rehabilitation hospital, she started to seek out alternative healing methods; which led her to study acupuncture and herbology.

Susan believes in the body’s innate wisdom and ability to heal. It is very easy to get off the path of wellness, as the demands of our modern world easily take us astray. Acupuncture helps to restore balance in the body, mind, and spirit. Our bodies are infused with energy or a life force, called Qi (chee) in Eastern Medicine. This Qi/energy flows through all living things; and in our bodies these rivers of energy are called meridians. Life stressors can cause blockages of Qi in the meridians, and these blockages manifest in a wide host of symptoms or signals that your body and mind send to make you pay attention—it could be an aching back, or insomnia, hot flashes, digestive upset, headaches, irritability, or simply a longing for peace. We each have unique signals and acupuncture, Chinese medicine, can help lead one back to a path of balance that our spirit longs for and knows.

Treatments include: Acupuncture, Cupping, Essential Oils, Tui Na (massage), and Chinese Herbs.

Specializes in treating:
Chronic Pain
Women’s Health issues: including Perimenopausal changes and Fertility
Digestive Disorders
and more. . .

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University of Denver: BA
University of Colorado: MSPT
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine: MSTOM
Licensed Acupuncturist and Physical Therapist in CT.

Rachel Mazzarelli, MS, CCT

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a non-invasive (no compression), no radiation test of physiology. It detects the subtle physiologic changes that accompany breast pathology (cancer, fibrocystic disease, estrogen dominance, lymph congestion, infection or vascular disease) offering you the chance to become aware of worrisome physiological changes before there is a diagnosable cancer. Breast Thermography is a highly accurate test that evaluates all areas of the breasts and regional lymph nodes.  

ALL women can benefit from testing but it is especially beneficial for younger women (30-50) with dense breast tissue, overweight women, women with fibrocystic breasts and those with breast implants. Approximately 1/3 of all breast cancers occur in women under 45, where mammography is not recommended. 

DITI can also aid in the diagnosis and prognosis for many conditions and injuries in men and women including, but not limited to:
Cancer, including:
Breast cancer
Skin cancer
Back injuries
Nerve damage
Unexplained pain
Dental infection & TMJ
Artery inflammation
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Disc disease
Inflammatory pain
Digestive disorders,
as well as monitor therapy progress.

For your convenience we are now offering thermography scanning at Trumbull PT and Wellness, by appointment.

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Dr. Kathryn Firisin, ND, MSPT 

Dr. Katy is a licensed primary care Naturopathic Doctor and Physical Therapist in both Connecticut and Arizona. Her practice emphasizes thyroid disorders, chronic disease, cardiovascular disease and hypertension, autoimmune conditions, food allergies gastrointestinal health, diabetes, and adrenal fatigue. Her expertise lies utilizing various natural therapies to identify and treat causes of inflammation and their role in chronic disease and illness. Her goal is to stimulate your body’s own ability to heal with individualized nutrition protocols, food allergy testing, detoxification and environmental medicine, homeopathy, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, body work and manipulation and acupuncture.

With almost 20 years in healthcare, Dr. Firisin is able to utilize her experience in healthcare and physical therapy, specialty labs and diagnostics, and naturopathic therapies to address the root cause of disease. In addition to her love of treating patients, she is an editor and consultant for, is on the advisory board and curriculum chairperson for the Naturopathic Medicine Institute naturopathicmedicine and a member of the CNPA.

Counseling for, but not limited to:
Thyroid disorders
Chronic disease
Cardiovascular disease and Hypertension
Autoimmune conditions
Food allergies
Gastrointestinal health
Adrenal fatigue

For more information visit Coastal Natural Medicine or make an appointment by phone:  475-999-2032